Our InstaWalk at the invite of Wien Energie started with a trip with a shuttle bus from the centre of Vienna to the wind energy park Pottendorf. After a short ride we received a short safety briefing directly in front of one of the 15 wind turbines. Our group had the opportunity to attend a maintenance of the wind turbines by use of drones and afterwards to visit one of the wind turbines including the cabin at which the wind turbine is mounted at a height of more than 100m.

Wind Farm InstaWalk

The Pottendorf/Tattendorf wind farm consists of 15 wind turbines in the vicinity of Vienna.

Pottendorf, Lower Austria – Friday 22 March, 2019

The wind farm was opened in autumn 2015. The 15 wind turbines – with a total capacity of 42.9 megawatts – have been generating around 94,400 megawatt hours of electricity annually since then, supplying more than 28,000 households with electricity from wind energy.

Growth market wind power

In Austria, more than 5,000 people already have a job due to the domestic wind turbines (wind farms, manufacturers and suppliers). Start-ups are also active in this field, such as the company Skyability, which also specialises in the inspection of wind turbines using drones.

Enercon E-101 Wind Turbine

The wind turbine E-101 is produced by Enercon GmbH. This is a further development of the E-82 2.0 MW for moderate locations of wind class IIA or weaker. For the first time it is not possible to climb through the generator of a large Enercon machine to get into the hub. The nacelle of the E-101 has been greatly enlarged so that fitters can now pass the generator on the outside and switch over to the spinner.

We simply have to transition from an economy based almost exclusively on oil and coal and natural gas to one that’s far more diversified, that uses solar energy, and wind energy, and the power of the tides, and bio-mass energy, and eventually, develops hydrogen.
William J. Clinton

The length of the nacelle is approx. 15 m with a diameter of approx. 6.5 m. The nacelle is also approx. 15 m long. The liquid cooler for the stator was integrated into the outer shell at the rear end of the nacelle. With approx. 250 t, the nacelle (incl. rotor) is considerably heavier than the nacelle of other series.

The plant is available with a 99, 135 or 147 metre high precast concrete tower and can optionally be equipped with a rotor blade heater, which prevents yield losses due to ice formation in winter.


Wien Energie

As an energy company, Wien Energie GmbH is part of Wiener Stadtwerke. Wien Energie is the largest energy supplier in Austria and sells a total of approx. 23 TWh of electrical energy, natural gas and district heating annually.

In May 1997 one of the first Austrian wind turbines was put into operation on the Danube island in Vienna. In 2005, one of the highest wind farms in Europe was put into operation at an altitude of just under 1,600 metres. Since autumn 2015, 15 wind turbines have been in operation in Pottendorf (12 of them Enercon E-101, rotor diameter 101 m or rotor diameter 85 m, capacity 3 MW) with a total capacity of over 40 MW of electricity. This wind farm was designed as a citizen participation model.


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Making of Wind Farm Pottendorf Timelapse
The second largest wind farm in Lower Austria was built by Wien Energie. This time-lapse video shows how a total of 15 wind turbines were installed to supply electricity for approx. 28,000 households.



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